I have a lot of excitement that I’ll be sharing with you this fall….. a free webinar for you, my first-ever 6-week e-course, radio show appearance, and speaking and teaching engagements. All good stuff.
Here’s the deal though. With all these things out ahead of me, I feel the urge to get very regimented with my plans so I can be sure to keep everything under control and on track.The thing is I don’t feel like being regimented. I want this fall to feel spacious and relaxed, like I have felt this summer. So this fall I’m doing something different.
I’m trying to stay connected to a feeling of ease and relaxation (and not over-planning or over-scheduling). I figure if I can feel that way in as many moments as I can, then whatever I do while in that “at-ease energy” will have a positive ripple effect on all my projects.
This is my personal experiment. I encourage you to try it and let me know how it goes by posting on my Facebook page!