Emerson Ecologics is my go-to source for the highest quality vitamins. Emerson’s store Wellevate allows you to create an account and order online. Call them at 855.935.5382 with any questions about setting up your account.

“Nutritional Bases Covered” Package:  What I take everyday and suggest to my patients for basic nutritional support to supplement a healthy diet.

  1. Minimal & Essential: Multivitamin and Antioxidant Formula by Vital Nutrients – 1-2 caps daily with foodProduct code: MINIM
  2. EPA/DHA Essentials fish oil by Pure Encapsulations – 2-4 caps daily with food. Product code: EPA16
  3. Therbiotic Complete high potency probiotic by Klaire Labs – 1-2 caps daily with food. Product code: THER4

These can be set up for auto-delivery every few months so you don’t have to remember to reorder.