A unique thing happens in Maine this time of year which I call the “Maine Summer Check-Out.”  We put work on the back burner as much as possible and really savor this gorgeous time of year.

For many it’s a time to focus on getting healthier and feeling better.  We often evaluate how healthy someone is by how they eat, exercise, and their cholesterol levels. But I think the most powerful determinate of health is the “Aaaah” Factor, that perceptible sense of relaxation and well-being you feel in your whole body.

Try these tips to find your happy place, and soak up the health benefits of feeling great!

  • Give Thanks – Everyday say out loud three things you are grateful for! It could be a good job, your hilarious husband, your loving dog…whatever lights you up, speak it. This acknowledgement give you access to those physical feelings of peace and fulfillment.
  • Give Praise – On your way home from work, list out loud “Five things I did well today are….” This is a great way to transition from work to home and leaves you feeling uplifted by your accomplishments.
  • Give it a Rest – Create a small space in your day for restful time, even five minutes with your morning cup of coffee. If we are constantly on the go, we can’t check in with ourselves.

Health is truly about an experience of well-being that you feel, not a checklist of healthy activities you do. When you set yourself up to feel well-being everyday, you create physical and mental health from the inside out! Plus, you glow and people will tell you so.