This summer I treated a beautiful little boy with a homeopathic remedy.  Here is his story:

Hannah & Ashtee

A vibrantly healthy 12-month-old named Ashtee, suddenly came down with a mild fever of 100.7, diarrhea, and occasional vomiting.  The next two days his fever rose to 102.6, followed by two more days of 101.  He was clingy, fatigued, whimpery, and sleeping much more than usual during this entire time.  His mom noticed that he had teething symptoms during this time and seemed to be irritated by his gums, but since they live in an area endemic for Lyme disease she was concerned it could be that as well.  By carefully considering his unique presentation of symptoms, I decided to give the homeopathic remedy Calcarea carbonica 30C.  After one dose, the Mom called back very relieved to report that her son had made a complete turn around.  He had spent the morning being lethargic, sleeping, and whimpering, and three minutes following the dose of the remedy was again happy, energetic and was crawling around on his own.  His fever, diarrhea and fatigue did not return, and even now, a month later, has still maintained his balanced, healthy, vibrant state.

Calcarea carbonica is a homeopathic remedy made from the oyster shell.  It is a commonly prescribed remedy for babies and treats a variety of common childhood illnesses.