When I was going to medical school in Arizona, summers temps would top 110 degrees. Desperate for relief I’d get into the shower with a dress on and then sit soaking wet on my porch just to cool off! Maine’s highs in the 90s don’t require such drastic measures, but here’s some advice for staying cool this sweltering season.

Have a blast:  This hydrotherapy technique has been known to stimulate vitality since Water Cure was re-discovered in the 1800s in Germany. Try a cold blast at the end of your hot shower for 10-30 seconds.  The alternation from hot to cold stimulates the circulation and is an invigorating way to start a hot, hazy day.   Those who try this will be surprised by the energy boost it brings. (If you get back spasms, don’t use water that’s too cold.)

Drink Up: Staying hydrated can ward off headaches, irritability and even constipation.  Here’s my favorite snazzy summer drink, sans alcohol or caffeine which can worsen dehydration. Berry-Lime Spritzer: seltzer water, 1 t. cranberry or blueberry juice concentrate, lime slice – serve over ice in a wine glass for a pretty summer treat.

Take me out, I’m cooked:  If you’ve overdone it in the sun, you may develop heat stroke.  A severe headache, nausea and even convulsions can result from this serious overheating.  Try a 3 pellet dose of the homeopathic remedy Natrum carbonicum 30C to relieve these symptoms.

Make the most of this beautiful summer and stay cool.

~Sarah Kotzur, ND