Take the crazy out of your life.


The Vitality Prescription is loaded with practical and inspiring ways to put a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and better health in every cell of your body!”

~Christiane Northrup, MD

New York Times bestselling author Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom


This program shows you how to:

  • Extinguish the wildfire of overwhelm in your daily life
  • Prioritize what matters most and let go of the rest
  • Make peace, presence, and a slower pace an everyday reality
  • Savor the richness of your life, not constantly managing distractions


What You’ll Learn:

  • The Science of Stress and how to harness the body’s hard-wired strengths
  • How to build healthy diet and lifestyle habits and rituals that support the life you deeply crave
  • How to break up with habits that sabotage you
  • How to gently and effectively re-imagine and redesign the life you desire


You Need The Vitality Prescription Program If…

  • You’ve been meaning to take better care of yourself for a while now, but you’re just so busy! You’ve fallen into a rut of bad habits… maybe zoning out at night with a drink and it’s been awhile since you’ve gotten regular exercise.
  • You’re just so tired at the end of the day that you don’t have the energy to figure out how jump-start your enthusiasm for taking better care of yourself. And that scares you, because in the back of your mind you wonder when you ever will.
  • You’re getting run down. You don’t feel that great.


This is the current epidemic of stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, and burnout I’ve treated every day in my Naturopathic medical practice for the past 10 years.

But you don’t have to live like that.

You can have more fun, energy and happiness… and sooner than you think. But it’s not from a pill, an exercise machine, or a strict diet regimen.


It’s found inside you… you have to tap into your deepest yearnings to find out what kind of life you truly desire and where you are struggling the most. Are you aching for more quiet, alone time? More sex? More dancing? More intellectual stimulation? Less technology time? More fulfilling work?

The Vitality Prescription shows you how to start where you are with a new habit or two. You notice those changes immediately.

The Vitality Prescription teaches you about the modern Science of Stress. When you understand how your body is hardwired for stress, you gain control over your energy, mood and focus for the rest of your life.


The Vitality Prescription illuminates how your relationships, job, daily routines, time commitments, bad shoes, and even your worldview can be triggering stress. Discover which of these factors are at play in your own life and causing hidden problems. Instead of managing your stress, you learn how to transcend and prevent it. What would your life look and feel like without relentless stress and chaos?


This program helps you take a birds’ eye view of your life and reimagine any part that’s not working well for you. The Vitality Prescription gives you the guidance, inspiration and know-how. It gives you practical, easy and FUN life-loving habits and strategies to improve your diet, lifestyle, relationships, work, creativity, spirituality, health, self-love, passion, clarity and more.

Did I mention this is fun? Whatever we do has to be relatively fun, otherwise….what’s the point? Besides, if we don’t make it fun you probably won’t keep doing it….so fun ensures follow-through!

Our culture is crazy. It expects you to do it all, never rest and keep going at a million miles an hour at all times. That is problematic if you want to be a sane, healthy person.


  • Do you have trouble saying no to people? We cover that.
  • Do you think enjoying rest and relaxation everyday is for sissies? We cover that.
  • Do you think you have to take care of everyone else’s needs before you can be generous with yourself? Yeah, we cover that too. That’s a biggie.


These are huge sources of stress and if they are at play in your life, they are sapping your precious energy for life….your vitality!


The Vitality Prescription can gently help point out where there are holes in your bucket, so you can plug them up. This will help you hold onto your resources of your time and energy…and that is priceless! Learn these powerful habits now and reap the rewards today and for the rest of your life.

Once you start even one new little habit, you feel better. You feel like you’re on the path. You are headed towards a better way of living. You feel inspired and excited to be giving yourself what you deeply crave in your life. And that feels awesome.

This program gives you the tools to do that that…for yourself…with my help. If you really want to set yourself up for success, use the Workbook to record your exploration and plan-making adventure. Come back to it daily to remember what your dream life looks like and let it support you as you are creating that for yourself. You will never be finished, but you will be a much happier work-in-progress. And that state of being in process, feeling better and better over time, is what The Vitality Prescription is designed to help you do.

You came here to live a life of your design. The Vitality Prescription gives you the tools to do just that! Go on..….shine brighter, you know you want to!

So, if this speaks to you, buy the Program today and get started now!

Wishing you every blessing for a joyful and vital life,

~Dr. Sarah Kotzur