Do you ever feel like you hold back from being your real self, in order to fit in or make others comfortable?  Over time, this habit of not expressing your true feeling and beliefs creates physical and mental stress and dysfunction, which can predispose us to illness. I believe that we can all experience radiant health, if we are willing to live our lives as though we had no choice but to act on the feelings we know to be true.   Here’s a story about my NYC epiphany I had about my own authenticity that changed everything!

Last weekend I took my husband on a mystery date to NYC! We got a generous offer for a beautiful place to stay in the East Village and I couldn’t resist creating a little surprise getaway in January.  My intention for 2016 is to become the expert in creating freedom and joy, both in my personal life and my professional life.  A jaunty trip felt right on target with my new year’s goals.

Arriving in New York , I realized that I was feeling self-conscious about looking like an unsophisticated out-of-towner in such a cosmopolitan city.  I was comparing myself to everyone I passed and wondering if I looked like I fit in.  Then I had an truly heart-opening epiphany when I woke up to how absurd that is.  All around me, there was such a rich diversity of people, cultures, architecture, food, music, art and fashion, that is was impossible to conform to any one idea of “normal.” It made me feel like there’s nothing to do in life but be your own self. In NYC it feels like you have permission to be whatever you want and no one will even bat an eye at whoever you are! So why not take that lesson back to your hometown?

How would you live your life today and how would you interact with your family, friends and coworkers if you felt it was perfectly safe to be your self?

I believe that living from a place where you feel clear and confident in being who you really are creates the best foundation for health. From this place we make decisions that support our highest good, which dramatically lowers our cortisol levels and decreases systemic inflammation in the body. These simple decisions, to allow ourselves the freedom to express our unique gifts, is smart medicine.  So, who will you be today…your true self or a person who’s just trying to satisfy what others want you to be?book_WB_2

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