Are you doing all the right things but you still feel “meh”? Do you eat a great diet, get nourishing rest, exercise all the time and, in spite of all that effort, feel like you should feel better?  Maybe you are missing one of these key steps to creating lasting, vibrant health and well-being. This Simple 3-Step Health Creation Formula can help.

Everyday in my work as a Naturopathic doctor, I see incredible examples of the body’s ability to heal itself.  In most cases, following this simple formula for health creation is all that’s required to stimulate a healing process and reverse even long-standing chronic diseases like high blood pressure, hormone problems, anxiety, depression, heart disease and more. Read on to learn how you can apply it to your own benefit!

Dr Kotzur’s 3-Step Health Creation Formula:

  1. Give The Body What It Needs –  Provide good food, shelter, safety, love. This can also mean providing mental/emotional/spiritual/creative needs as well. Listen to what you deeply want inside yourself and take action to give yourself that.
  2. Take Out The Trash – Allow natural detox pathways to eliminate waste easily. Also get rid of bad relationships/work/obligations that drain you.  Create healthy boundaries by saying “No!” to situations that aren’t good for you. Don’t feel bad, just do it.
  3. Get Out Of The Way – Let body’s own healing process to occur and know what to look out for during the healing process. One of my favorite examples of this is to avoid taking Tylenol to bring down a fever. When you get sick and have a fever, your body is trying to burn off the bugs. When you turn off the body’s ability to have a healthy fever, which in my book is up to 103°F for adults, you stall that process and often end up increasing the length of an illness. If you allow the fever to work uninterrupted, often people get over colds and flus much faster. This is one example of allowing the body’s natural healing mechanism to work.

So, are you following these three simple steps? If not, what is one action step you can take today to jump start your vitality?  Tell me in the comments below what you’re going to do!

Do you need some more ideas or help following this Simple 3-Step Health Creation Formula? Check out my book The Vitality Prescription ebook and workbook. It provides 100+ simple strategies for better energy and radiant well-being.  Do you want personalized support and guidance to create an incredible level of health?  Come see me at my office or online for individual consultations.

To your best health!

~Dr Kotzur