Emerson Ecologics is my go-to source for the highest quality vitamins, supplements, herbal medicines, fish oils and more.  

Emerson’s platform Wellevate allows patients to create an account and order online. You are also welcome to call or email Molly in the office to place an order to pick up or mail. 

Call Wellevate at 855.935.5382 with any questions about setting up your account.

MY PERSONAL FAVORITES – These cost $0.95 per day

Minimal & Essential – 1 cap daily with breakfast

  • Powerful multivitamin with plenty of B vitamins for stress support
  • $35.20 for 3 month supply 
  • Product code:  MINIM

EPA/DHA Essentials – 2 caps daily with breakfast

  • Great anti-inflammatory fish oil capsules for mood, energy, and pain
  • $50.40 for 3 month supply 
  • Product code: EPA16

Stay Healthy,  ~Dr. Kotzur


HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES: We trust Hahnemann Labs pharmacy as our source for superior quality homeopathic remedies.      http://www.hahnemannlabs.com/index.html