When I think about what moves me, inspires me and lights me up, it is always when someone shares themselves genuinely. This authenticity cuts through the mass marketing messages we get everyday and it touches us.  This is the way I want to communicate with my patients and with the world.  When I show up and share myself, I model for others that it’s possible, it’s fun and I can tell you for certain it’s good for your health.

By stepping into yourself in the most genuine way, you reflect your best self. As you do that, you interact with the world differently. As your interactions change,  your experience of the world changes.  When your perception of the world changes, you gain insight and control over your life. This is the key step in understanding stress and maintaining sovereignty over it.  When you don’t feel stressed in the first place, your body is not triggered to respond to things it thinks are a threat.  As you get out of that habit, you find peace. In peace, you find health. So be yourself, don’t hold back and notice just how great your body feels.