Welcome!  I am a licensed family practice Naturopathic Doctor who helps people create great health using a natural approach called Vitality Restart.

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I can help you if this is what you want:

  • If you’ve had a chronic health problem and you want to find a natural solution to healing it.
  • If you want to understand the predictable self-healing formula and how to apply it to your problem.
  • If you want to decrease dependence on prescriptions or over-the-counter medications.
  • If you want to build your body’s natural disease resistance using natural medicines like botanical extracts, homeopathic remedies, supplements, therapeutic diet advice, and practical self-care techniques.
  • If you have a gut feeling that your chronic health problem is due to an upsetting event or situation but you don’t know how to get over it.
  • If you are interested in setting yourself up for success by your willingness to learn new strategies to take care of yourself.
  • If you want to strengthen your body to decrease tendency for diseases that may run in your family.
  • If you understand that healing occurs as a process and you aren’t expecting a pill to cure it all.