Hello Lovely Mainers +Those Who Live “Away”,
It’s gorgeous weather on the coast of Maine and everyone looks like they want to be outside soaking it up.
June was action-packed with lots to beginnings + endings. This June I wrapped up teaching my first year-long science course for homeopaths at Baylight Center for Homeopathy.  What a satisfying experience + such a great group of students! I also had my 40th birthday this weekend and am excited to blaze an adventurous path into my next decade. Finally, I have been putting the finishing touches on a book about how to have more vitality, energy + happiness in your life. We have a cover design + new title + I’m thrilled to share it with you soon!  As June was so busy, I found myself struggling to finish it so I have put it down until I return from traveling.  It’s funny when you are writing a book about vitality and you feel depleted. I had to take something off my to-do list.  This is a photo of me at the beach eating ice cream, after I decided I can’t get it all done as fast as I’d planned. If you aren’t dairy, wheat, or nut allergic, I highly recommend Willard Scoops in South Portland.
Is there something you could give yourself permission to let go of, to allow you to take better care of yourself?  A volunteer job, a responsibility, an old habit?  This is the perfect time to take stock of what’s lovely and working in your life + what’s not.
If you’d like to tackle a physical, mental or emotional health issue I’m here to help.  Get your appointment scheduled + put those self-care supports in place where you need them!
I am wishing you a restful + fun summer.  Recharge yourself.  I can’t wait to share my new book with you…very soon!
All the best,
Dr. KotzurJuly2014LOVELETTERpic