Do you work all the dang time and feel you never give yourself a break? Are you exhausted, burned out and stressed to the max?

As a Naturopathic doctor, I believe that the body has the ability to heal itself IF we create healthy conditions for it to do so. NO healthy conditions, NO health.

One of the places I struggle with and see lots of patients do as well, is RADICAL SELF-CARE. This means making a commitment to do a few nice things for yourself each week to regain balance, groundedness, and energy.

I find myself being stingy with the time I allow for restful, relaxing, and fun little habits because I think I should be finishing one last to-do! Well, for me that stops now.  🙂

This week I’m promising myself (and just put on my calendar) a nightly bath with candles, lavender oil, and nice tunes at 9:00pm every night this week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What will you try do this week to TREAT YOURSELF RIGHT?  Here are a few of my absolute favorite self-care tips to get your started:

  • Make a restful nest – create a cozy corner on a couch/overstuffed chair/bed with pillows and nice throw. Have a cup of tea, journal, art supplies, favorite books, chocolate…whatever feels special!  Set it up so all you have to do is enjoy.  (Put time on your calendar to enjoy this lovely space every day or a few times this week. Do it now.)
  • Be Decedent with Yourself – make a short list of 3 things that would feel like a real treat (time at a coffee shop or library, massage, spa-day, facial, foot bath, flavorful meal?) These don’t have to be things that cost money.  Give yourself a home-spa-day and curl up on your bathrobe for some heavenly rejuvenation for a few hours this week. (Again, schedule it now, or it won’t likely happen.  Do it cuz your worth it!)
  • Create Self-Loving Affirmations – when we tell ourselves loving and encouraging things, it changes how our body feels and works. Write down 5 lovely that start with “I AM….” and state them in the positive. For example, I am taking better and better care of myself. I am growing and learning everyday etc. Write these on post-its or make pretty little artworks with them. Then put these up were you’ll see them everyday…over your desk, in your fridge, on the back of your phone. (This one is a quicky and can be done in less than 10 minutes. Get on it.)

Let me know in the comments below what you’re putting on your calendar this week to take care of yourself.  Remember, NO ONE ELSE knows what you REALLY need and ONLY YOU can do it!

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